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At the Ferry Farm @ Woodlands Dual Meet on 07/12/2017, Nathan Pechacek (14), Micah Hunt (14), Connor Smith (14), and Collin Feliciano (14) of Woodlands established a new RSL Yard Record for the Boys 13-14 100 Freestyle Relay at 47.36 seconds, besting a 47.47 swam by Luke Durocher, Jeff George, Brennan Paterson, and Noah Ross of Regency Park during the 2015 RSL season.
At the Fawn Lake @ Massad YMCA Dual Meet on 06/28/2017, Dylan Eichberg (17) of Massad YMCA established a new RSL Meter Record for the Boys 13 & Over 100 Freestyle at 52.87 seconds, besting a 53.10 swam by Trevor Carr of Country Club during the 2009 RSL season.  
At the Dahlgren @ Ferry Farm Dual Meet on 06/28/2017, Jude Redford (7), Jayson Wofford (7), Elijah Foringer (8), and Wayne Thomason (7) of Dahlgren established a new RSL Yard Record for the Boys 8 & Under 100 Freestyle Relay at 1:15.75 seconds, besting a 1:16.37 swam by Francesco Serafini, Sean Sullivan, William Stroffolino, and Noah Kyler of Lake Wilderness during the 2015 RSL season.